Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Kirkenes At Last

I am now in Kirkenes.The flight was from Bodø to Tromso,then on to Kirkenes,all pretty painless.It is clear that without planes life would be pretty difficult in northern Norway.

The bus to Murmansk goes twice a day and I am booked on the 1400 tomorow. I understand it will take 3 to 4 hours .I am not sure what is going on here ,the tourist info people didn't know , but all the hotels are full.Fortunaly they were able to fix me up in a private home ,well a flat in a private house so I am better off than in a hotel.

Kirkenes is not a beautifull town .I assumed it would be like a northern Scotish town,bleak but handsome . It is a little down at heel with a number of businesses closed.The street signs are in Norwegian and Russian so I assume there must be a large trade across the border.There are a number of large Russian fishing vessals tied up in the harbour.
Well Russia tomorow , coming this way has not been easy but I am glad I did.

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