Thursday, 30 April 2009

Vanouchka and Visa

I have now recieved my Visa. The problem online was mine ( apologies to supplier) and in the end it arrived in less than a week.So we are all ready apart from a couple of items left to purchase .
I fly to Oslo on 29/6 followed by train and bus to kirkines. I will then cross border on the 2/7 to Murmansk .
The Russian language continues to frustrate ,with me forgetting two words for every new one I learn !

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

new vanoochka but no visa

Quiet on the blog front as I have been busy becoming a grandad for the 4th time ,Orla born 1745 0n 6/4.
I am also having trouble getting a visa ,not because of any problems with me but the web site the Russian embasy require you to use .I can now fill the form out on auto but still get thrown off at the end.I understand that applying for a visa to come to the UK is much worse though that does not make me feel any better. Looks as if I shall have to go to London.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

the start

I'm John marshall and I am starting this Blog ( a new experiance thanks to Chris Conder )
because I am going travelling in Russia . I'm 62 a retired Environment Agency manager and this is my gap year,actualy 6 weeks ,trip. I had originaly intended driving to Vladivostok but time constraints have lead me to go by train arround European Russia.
I have been learning Russian for just over a year with Irina who tries hard to knock her language into my skull each week .I can order beer so thats ok.
I will try and share my plans with you over the next few weeks I fly to Oslo on 29/6/09 ,and keep you abreast of developments while I am there.Hope you find it interesting .
Today I started the process of getting a Visa , I am limited to 30 days as a tourist ,hence the train and only part of the Country this year. I hope to go to Siberia next year.