Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Vladimir and the Arctic Circle

Just after I posted my last missive I was sat on the station steps with my worldly goods arround me , all I needed was a polystyrene cup and a dog to supplement my stipend when a loneman joined me. He was wearing a Norwegian football shirt and had a distinct sway and a drunks animated face. He asked me for a cigerette i said i did't smoke and he started to discuss the meaning of life . It was then , it had been a long hard day, when I realised I could understand him. This is remarkable as I am finding Norwegian impenatrable. However he turned out to be a Russian or at least a Latvian whose 1 st language is Russian. Soon he was hailing me as a long lost friend despite occasionaly my pronounciaton defeating him.Well only my trains impending arrival stopped him from making me his brother so we parted as new Tavarich ( you were right about drunken Russians Irina ).still he was at least friendly .
The journey to Trondsheim was fine though the heat meant I got little sleep( I am not sure why I am in itallix but you will have to put up with it as I can't turn it off.The time of year meant it was never dark and the scenery was stunning.Similarly the train to Bodø ( pronounced boda) When we crossed the Arctic circle at 1 st it looked like you would expect , tundra , then it went back to lush valeys ,stunning and beautiful.
I have been agonising as to whether to stick to the ground which from now means bus and 2-4 days or fly to Kirkenes. I have decided to fly , while it will mean I will miss a lot of country it6 will ensure I get the full 30 days in Russia.
For a word from our sponsor the hotel I am doing this from ( the Bodø Hotel) has the most helpfull staff ansd I heartily reccomend it.
Well next stop Kirkenes and the test as to if I can get from there to Murmansk on thursday !

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