Thursday, 16 July 2009

The Great Questions ?

Well back again ,I see Brendan is a reader I hope my spelling is not bothering him but I can't get spell check to work so you are all on your own. Not done a lot today as even hotter but I hope to get some shots after dark tonight .
I have been musing on what I have seen and it has led me to some questions. When you visit a country it is not the Economic and Political infrastructure that impacts but the little things that leave you guessing.
So for me here it is :
Why do Russian doors open outward?
Why is it that members of a nation that spent most of the 20 th century queuing walk straight to the head of a long queue and demand attention?
Why is there a shortage of 10Rb notes ,in fact at 20p each why do such notes exist at all ,even if they are crucial to getting through a day?
Why is it that even in hotel restaurants there is always at least 1 T V set on with the sound muted and a totally unrelated musical sound track playing?
Why do hotel bedrooms not have rubbish bins and their bathroom sinks no plug?
Well I am off to get some food ,boat down the Volga to Astrakhan tomorrow.
Hope you are all well,love john


  1. Will be interested in learning if you find the answers to your puzzling questions. I don't know about Brendan, but I have been surprised (shall we say) at some of the spelling. Go to the bottom of the class!! Despite all this I am really enjoying your diary. Did you know that there is another method of spell-checking, (other than pressing a button) - it involves reading through the text using your eyes. Oh dear, I AM getting to sound like a School teacher, just ignore me, and I might go away. Keep the blogs coming and thank you.

  2. I love the spelling... it shows it is written by a real person and not a machine, keep it coming, great blog