Thursday, 2 April 2009

the start

I'm John marshall and I am starting this Blog ( a new experiance thanks to Chris Conder )
because I am going travelling in Russia . I'm 62 a retired Environment Agency manager and this is my gap year,actualy 6 weeks ,trip. I had originaly intended driving to Vladivostok but time constraints have lead me to go by train arround European Russia.
I have been learning Russian for just over a year with Irina who tries hard to knock her language into my skull each week .I can order beer so thats ok.
I will try and share my plans with you over the next few weeks I fly to Oslo on 29/6/09 ,and keep you abreast of developments while I am there.Hope you find it interesting .
Today I started the process of getting a Visa , I am limited to 30 days as a tourist ,hence the train and only part of the Country this year. I hope to go to Siberia next year.

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